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GLOWJAM SQUAD Includes 5 full size:

(1) ANGEL GLOWJAM 30ml (uv hot pink)

(1) ELECTRIC DAISY GLOWJAM 30ml(uv yellow)

(1) MARINA GLOWJAM 30ml(uv blue)

(1) PALMS GLOWJAM 30ml(uv lime)

(1) COMMANDO GLOWJAM 30ml(uv orange)

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ELECTRIC SPACEJAM UV GLOW has a slightly different texture than our luxe jams and combines our brilliant glitter balm with a UV base, giving a shocking glowing sparkle in the presence of blacklight, and a full coverage blend of bold sparkle and matte neon during the day. For artist use on FACE+HAIR+BODY. Mandatory for festivals.

⚡️ JAM STATS: 30ml Net wt. 1.05 oz (30g) each; Vegan, Cruelty Free and handcrafed in Los Angeles, CA. 

⚡️JAM USAGE: Spacejam is best painted onto hair or body with synthetic brush or tint brush. For intense glow, expose to any source of ultraviolet light. 

Pro tip: Use colorist tint brush to get full coverage on hair. Paint on or rub into the skin like body lotion for temporary body jewelry effect. Removal: After product is dry, brush majority out of hair and wash remaining out. Embrace any minor leftovers. 

INGREDIENTS: Cosmetic glitter (polyethylene terephthalate, pigment, polyurethane-33, aluminum), artesian water (aqua), aloe leaf juice, carbomer, jojoba oil, hydrolyzed wheat protein, PVP, vegetable glycerin, apricot seed oil, tocopherol acetate, magick essential oil blend (fragrance), aminomethyl propanol, glycine, polysorbate 20, tetrasodium edta

Glitter pigment may contain: D&C Black No 2, FD&C Blue No 1, FD&C Yellow No 5, D&C Red No 7, D&C Red No 34, FD&C Red No 40, Solvent Violet 13, Solvent Blue 101, Solvent Yellow 93, Solvent Green 28

Spacejam is not recommended for use on or near eyes, keep out of reach of children and please recycle after use. Electric Spacejam glows in blacklight.