Lady Mercury™ is our newest permanent Spacejam for anyone in need of a mystic frosty glaze for HAIR+BODY. Lady Mercury has a light whipped texture, similar to Seapunk™ and is based in light pastels that reflect purple, blue and holographic rainbows. Inspired by expensive 1980's fashion ponies. ✨🦄



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Designed for the hair+body but based in skincare ingredients including aloe and jojoba oil, SPACEJAM™ is a designer line of luxe fusion glitter pomades. Each Spacejam blend has it's own theme, and was expertly handcrafted by LA makeup artists to be ready-to-wear. Consider Spacejam "washable fashion".  Water reactivates it's base for easy removal from hair+body! We infuse our products with rock and roll music and magick essential oils (blessed by a witch in Hollywood) so each jar is filled with good vibes. 

30ml Net wt. 1.05 oz (30g) each; Vegan, Cruelty Free and handcrafed in Los Angeles, CA.