Angelyne Electric Spacejam ⚡️💡

Angelyne Electric Spacejam ⚡️💡



Desperately Pink. Best seen at night on Hollywood Boulevard. 

Cosmic Spacejam™ is our coveted UV reactive glitter pomade. In the light it combines our classic sparkle with matte flakes for full spectrum color; at night it's a space mountain acid trip. 

Net wt. 1.05 oz; Vegan, Cruelty Free and Hand Made in Los Angeles, CA. 


Best applied by hand or synthetic brush in a streak or patting motion. Cosmic Spacejam contains UV glitters that are non-reflective in daylight giving a speckled appearance. 

Pro tip: After drydown, shape with sponge or spoolie to achieve clean lines. Layer over UV bodypaint for full coverage 3D sparkle. 

Removal: Rub off with dry sponge, rinse with water. Use micellaire or oil cleanser if layered.

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