NEW! Spacepaste® PRO-Squad - Editorial Gems

NEW! Spacepaste® PRO-Squad - Editorial Gems


The ‘Editorial Gems Squad’ includes a selection of our 6 most vivid shades of Spacepaste®. These bold shades transform makeup from basic to runway ready. We dare you to be inspired to create looks that push boundaries and express your own individuality.

Our Spacepaste® squads are pro-priced for makeup artists and beauty junkies ($140 value for $99). Each set comes with a custom-designed LHLA mesh bag that perfectly holds 6 full-sized jars.

NOTE: promotional discount codes do not apply to LHLA sets.

Spacepaste® PRO-Squad – Editorial Gems


JAILBAIT (chartreuse) (0.6fl oz, $22 value)

MALIBU (sapphire blue) (0.6fl oz, $22 value)

PRIVATE SCHOOL (turquoise) (0.6fl oz, $22 value)

ROOSEVELT (micro blood red) (0.6fl oz, $22 value)

VIOLET HOUR (warm lavender) (0.6fl oz, $22 value)

WINE SAFARI (micro burgundy) (0.6fl oz, $22 value)

LHLA Mesh zip bag ($8 value)

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