SPACEPASTE® wins Zoe Report Beauty Award

The Beauty Industry is all about reinvention, so keeping up with the latest and greatest releases is a full-time job. More accurately, it’s our full-time job, which is why we’re sharing the best new products across the categories of hair, makeup, and skin care. We also tapped a few of our favorite professionals to share the picks that made it into their kits this year, along with some genius, time-saving tips.
— The Zoe Report

Well WOW... Just this weekend I was talking to Courtney Dailey, owner of Coco Ensolielle and congratulated her on her SBE Award she won this year (her first year in business!) and in a whiney tone I yelled “I want Lemonhead.LA to win an award!"

Well today we woke up to the biggest surprise! Not only did we win an award– it was the Zoe Report Beauty Award and we were recommended by Sir John himself! Sir John is not only an icon; He’s such a loving person and has been so supportive of our brand since he discovered it last year.

We are so grateful that major players in the beauty game trust us to make products they enjoy using and that their clients allow them to use! Major celebrities have started wearing Spacepaste because it doesn’t linger when the night is over. Talent can wear it for a performance and have a photoshoot or red carpet event the next day without a trace.

I love to experiment with glitter, and this is a super cool brand I discovered that I am loving. I actually used these on Beyoncé at Coachella!
— Sir John

Sir John used both Houdini and Dirty Penny on Beyoncé for her Coachella 2018 performance. You can buy each separately ($22/ea) or save $8 buy building a Spacepaste Duet below.

-Megan LHLA

Build your own: HIGHLITE DUET