I had the best time painting artists and their guests backstage! - Alice

I had the best time painting artists and their guests backstage! - Alice

Lemonhead.LA is known for being the preferred glitter of celebrity makeup artists, models and photographers all over the world and recently we’ve begun dominating a new area: festivals.

This year, HARD Fest asked us to partner with them by bringing our edgy yet sophisticated glitter artistry to their VIP and artist lounges.

Our three artists Eden, Anniessa and Courtney took over the beauty bar within VIP all weekend while I created the “LHLA” experience within the artist lounge. Two days of heat, music, dancing and covering bodies head to toe in glowing glitter basically summarizes the whole experience.

Having a beauty area within the artist lounge set the mood and brought so much positive feedback from the performers. The DJ was spinning to our left, Inkbox had their temporary tattoo station set up on the right and as fate would have it, a massive unicorn floatie chilled in front of me giving me the nickname “Unicorn Girl” by Billboard Magazine. Truly appropriate.

It was my ultimate haven.  People would walk by and stare, pick up a jar of Spacepaste and ask what was this glittery goodness they laid their eyes on. Men and women, the talent, their family members and friends all sat in my chair for their own custom look with the glitter. Even Dillon Francis’ parents came to get a little glitter magic on their face, although they didn't want too much in fear of embarrassing their son. 

Along with me throughout the weekend was Kara Madden, who's a huge fan of Lemonhead.LA and also a rising artist in the music scene. Once our adventures were finished in the artist lounge, we checked in with the artists in VIP and scouted the rest of the festival.

With Eden, Courtney and Anniessa holding down VIP, I was able to see first hand the magic our team brought to the festival. Courtney's signature melted glitter look on shoulders was a huge hit and she doused almost everyone in our coveted Houdini Spacepaste and White Rabbit Spacejam. The artists throughout the weekend created an environment that pumped people up and offered each of them unique, exclusive services!

It's so inspiring and amazing to see people covered head to toe in glitter to accent their outfits. I believe that's why LHLA will flourish in the festival world - whether you want to simply accent your look with a metallic Spacepaste or wear our Spacejam Ultra Luxe Glitter Balm from head to toe, Lemonhead.LA instantly brings out the alter-ego within all of us.  

 -Alice Radu, LHLA Brand Manager


First of all let me just tell you this party was HOT and I’m not just referring to the 100 plus degree weather. The Music on the Stage right by VIP was banging and the outfits - oh, the outfits. Scantily clad party people were everywhere. Everyone was extremely pumped when they saw they were able to jazz up their looks with a complimentary glitter application at the VIP beauty bar. We kept everyone feeling good and offered some shade from the sun while we added the shimmering cherry on top. The best part about working for Lemonhead.LA, regardless of the occasion is the way it literally lights up people’s faces and gets them excited to continue their day as a new and more sparkly version of themselves. I’ve never seen quite a reaction to anything as I have watching people scream with excitement when our glitter paints across their skin. It was an insanely fun interactive experience. I made friends, I shared a lot of laughs and I definitely would do it all over again!


My experience with Lemonhead.LA has been nothing short of amazing. The integrity and professionalism they carry through their branding, products and activation is something you don’t see often from new indie cosmetics companies. And with that, they still make everything so much FUN!! At Hard Summer Music Fest I was so proud to be representing a company with incredible products and a unique vibe. Having Lemonhead in the VIP area really created an experience that got people pumped up and feeling like they got a really exclusive service. People kept coming back to us the second day for more because they loved it so much. I can’t wait to continue working with Lemonhead to bring a little extra glitter to people’s lives!


Working with Lemonhead, Insomniac, and HARD for Hardfest 2018 was such a fun experience! I met many positive and creative souls that stopped by our beauty bar in VIP.  I was able to tailor looks according to an attendee’s personal style, by introducing Lemonhead.LA to new fans. Their reaction to the product was phenomenal. The ease and color pigmentation of the product definitely stood out with festival goers. A staple look I created was a glitter melt on the shoulders. The reflective pigmentations of Lemonhead’s Spacepastes were stunning as festival goes danced the day/night away. Another hit was Houdini, a magical iridescent highlite. Festival goers were blown away by the lavender reflects. Connecting music and beauty through this festival community was an amazing opportunity that I was able to experience first hand, and I can’t wait for the next time I get to be apart of it!


Being an artist, I love incorporating and experimenting with all levels of art. That’s why I loved attending Hard Summer with Lemonhead LA. Being able to see how happy people were to get their glitter done made me realize how much of an impact make up has on the entire vibe of a crowd! It was an honor being a part of that.

-KARRA, Songwriter & Vocalist/LHLA Guest