Beyoncés Glitter of Choice


We're a little late on the Beyoncé train, but since we decided that blogging was going to be the cool new thing here now at Lemonhead.LA, we decided to talk about the most iconic thing that has happened to us yet:

Sir John, one of our favorite makeup artists of all time (not to mention one of the kindest human beings ever), changed our life forever when he decided to make LHLA a staple in his kit and magazines like Allure, Refinery29, People, and Hollywood Life were quick to share his secrets with their readers.

Beyoncé has been wearing LHLA everywhere lately. From solidifying our Houdini Spacepaste's prodigal reputation both weekends at Coachella to making Mulholland her #OTR2 tour makeup staple, the beyhive is buzzing.

Talk about a show stopper. 

Here's a lil' tutorial for you on how to slay just like Bey with this fierce but phenomenal glitter eyeshadow look, from our friend Arianna Blean! You can also build your very own Beyoncé inspired highlite duet!

Build your own: HIGHLITE DUET