Over the last several months we’ve been working on a very special project.

We’ve secretly collaborated with twelve of the worlds most unique and renowned makeup artists, inviting each of them into our studio to design their very own Spacejam® Ultra Luxe Glitter Balm.

Each week a new artist will be revealed and the glitter blend they personally designed will be available for sale on Friday for 24 hours only. $5 from every sale will be donated to a charity chosen by the artist.



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Lipstick Queers was created by makeup artists Lijha Jade and Yvonne Macinnis in celebration of their love and unconventional beauty as well as to create a platform to share their personal perspective on social topics such as sex, art, and queer lifestyle.

Lijha is a Makeup Artist and Creative Director with over a decade of industry experience. She is known globally for her detailed eye and creative approach to makeup artistry.

Yvonne’s career spans over a decade as a Professional Makeup Artist, Beauty Expert and Global Brand Ambassador. With her flair for using color and texture in unconventional ways, she is known within the beauty industry for her devotion to pushing the boundaries of makeup artistry.

I met Lijha and Yvonne several years ago and have admired their talent as well as their provocative and insatiable desire to share love with anyone around them. They are some of the nicest and most supportive women I know and it’s an honor to have created ‘Queerdo’ Spacejam® Ultra Luxe Glitter Balm with the two of them. Both Yvonne and Lijha were so hands on and knew exactly what they wanted - a perfect rainbow of glitter. We made sure to include all the colors of the LBGTQ+ flag as well as just about every color in between with perfect balance. ‘QUEERDO’ has over 25 luxury glitters in it - the most we’ve ever had in one of our Spacejams®! It will be available for purchase for 24 hours only starting 1/18 12pm PST and $5 of every product sold will benefit Trevor Project.

🖤 Megan

Anyone and everyone can be a “QUEERDO” for us this term means celebrating your weirdness in all of its glory and letting your freak flag fly high in the sky.


When did your passion turn into your career?

L: When I was 19 years old, I decided to apply for a position at MAC. But, I’ve obsessed with makeup and beauty for my entire life. When I was little I would watch my glamorous grandmother paint her face and apply lashes in complete awe. At 8 years old, I received a face paint book, and one of the looks was Marylin. I painted a red lip, winged liner and mole until all the colors in the palette were gone. When I was 11 my mom bought me Kevin Aucoin’s book “Painting Faces” and I was hooked from them out. I knew that I wanted to make people feel beautiful and transform with the art of makeup. 

Y:  My passion turned into a career when I realized I could get paid to do what I love!! My mom tells the story of me at about 7 or 8 years old, melting my colored pencils in hot water and painting on my and my little brothers face, transforming him into whatever creature I could think up each weekend and of course putting on performances for the whole family. I grew up in such a small town I didn’t realize makeup artistry was a profession until years later when I moved to Toronto and registered in Pro Makeup school. I initially wanted to be an FX makeup artist but quickly fell in love with the editorial and fashion world as I developed my own artistic vision and style. 

In the world of online tutorials, do you feel professional education is still important? 

LQ: Oh yes, we believe there is space for everyone to create, and we most definitely think pros need to get savvy with technology and take their education digital. Pro to pro education is more assessable than ever and we should be taking advantage of it and inspiring each other! 

Has Lemonhead.LA changed your artistry? If so, how?

LQ: We used to be worried about using glitter in our kits and on our clients for fear that it would get everywhere and never go away. Lemonhead LA’s easy to use and remove formulas changed that all! We also love the way you can shape Spacejam Ultra Luxe Glitter Balm into every every look imaginable.  LHLA has truly elevated the way we use glitter. It makes transportation, application, design and clean up so wonderful! 

How did you discover Lemonhead.LA?

L: I meet Megan at IMATS LA 3 years ago and immediately fell in love with her passion and of course her product. She gave me samples of a few glitters to try and I was hooked instantly. 

Y: I remember reaching a class at Alcone in NYC a couple years back - I could use any products in their store for my demo and ended up changing my entire demo once I discovered LHLA glitter! The look blew everyone’s mind and I’m pretty sure we sold all the Spacepaste in their store that night! 

How did you two meet each other?

LQ: We met at work almost 6 years ago and it was love a first sight. We started as colleagues but after one hot weekend in NYC, we were inseparable. Neither of us were “out” so we decided to keep our relationship a secret for fear of retaliation at work. It was definitely the hardest thing we’ve ever experienced, and really took at toll on our relationship. After 4 years of sneaking around and hiding our love, we mutually decided to take a break, the pressure was too much. When we saw each other again for the first time a year later, it was clear that we were better together than apart. We announced our love to the world and got married January 26th, 2018.

Why did you choose Trevor project?

LQ: We decided to choose Trevor Project because Yvonne lost a cousin who took their own life. They identified as Queer and had struggled for most of their adult life sadly because of lack of support and community we lost a family member. This happens all too often within the queer space because many small communities have no viable resources for queer people suffering from mental health issues. Trevor Project is a National charity focused at providing resources, guidance and community to protect and enhance queer lives. 

What advice would you give to young artists?

L: I would tell young artist to explore the depths of their soul, through meditation, music, plant medicine, and nature, this is where your creativity lies. Inward self reflection creates art that transcends generations! Don’t compare yourself or your art to others. All you need comes from inside of you. 

Y: Look within to find your true inspiration and creativity. Stay unapologetically authentic to you and you’ll sleep better at night. 

Would you ever consider doing your wedding in Vegas all over again but inviting your closest friends to come along?

LQ: Oh man, this is a hard one!  We Eloped, and our wedding day was perfection, as much as we missed our friends and family it was so intimate with just the two of us. For our Five year anniversary we want to throw another celebration of our love and have friends and family there. 

With the industry as busy as its become do you find it’s more difficult to be original?

L: The digital landscape has made the sharing of ideas more fluid and I think that’s an incredible thing. It’s all about being inspired by each other’s work, but not steal someone else’s idea. I like to look for inspiration in art, nature, and films. 

Y: I don’t worry too much about that. I try to create new even if something I’ve seen has inspired me in some way. Nothing is truly original - every song we hear was sampled from something else, even Salvador Dali recreated Picasso when he was developing his style as an artist. Just try not to recreate only, it never feels as satisfying as taking inspiration and making it something new and fresh! 

What inspired “lipstick queers” and do you have to identify as LGBTQ+ to be a “queerdo”?

LQ: We were inspired to create Lipstick Queers because of the lack of fem Lesbian Visibility. We wanted to challenge the beauty status quo and create an intersection feminist platform that celebrates makeup, love and community for all.  At LQ we believe Makeup is a form expression vs. oppression and we are all about inclusion. Anyone and everyone can be a “QUEERDO” for us this term means celebrating your weirdness in all of its glory and letting your freak flag fly high in the sky.  




Founded in 1998 by the creators of the Academy Award®-winning short film TREVOR, The Trevor Project is the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer & questioning (LGBTQ) young people under 25.

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