Creative Direction, Makeup & Photography: Jon Lieckfelt

Creative Direction, Makeup & Photography: Jon Lieckfelt

I’ve always looked at the streets as my runway, never needing an excuse or reason to show up fully in life.
Swatch of ‘LIECKMINDED’ Spacejam®

Swatch of ‘LIECKMINDED’ Spacejam®



Jon Lieckfelt is a celebrity hair stylist and makeup artist who is known to many as a “magician of faces”. For over 30 years he has been working in the hair and makeup industry creating looks for the red carpet, film, television, concerts, as well as working with an elite private clientele.  His approach to beauty is simple– creating beautiful hair and makeup that blend modernity with classic sensibility resulting in iconic looks.  He is well respected and recognized in the industry for his unique personal style and vintage touch.

Jon works with some of the most famous faces in the world including Kristin Chenoweth, Christie Brinkley, Kerry Washington, Jaime Pressley, and Rose McGowan to name a few. His hair and makeup looks have been seen on the fashion runways in New York and Los Angeles as well as editorial publications like Vogue, Marie Claire, Prestige, Borealis, Dapifer, and US Weekly.


LH: being from a small town in the midwest, where did you get your first inspiration from?  

JL: Growing up in the 70s, my earliest beauty inspirations came from the glamorous women I’d see on TV. Shows like “The Cher Show”, “Donnie And Marie”, “Solid Gold”, and “The Carol Burnett Show” woke me up to the power of hair, makeup, and clothing all in one fell swoop. It was a very sparkly time! 

LH: Your story is so interesting - can you share a bit about your personal creative journey that led to makeup artistry as well as a bit about your apothecary?  

JL: What led me to being a makeup and hair artist was always knowing I had the ability to shift a woman’s confidence and self perception with the power of glamour and to me that was a very powerful thing. After working for years in Detroit as a freelance makeup artist and hair dresser, I decided that the consumers needed an intimate space to have hair and makeup done in a professional way as well as offering niche, underground brands that weren’t available anywhere else in that region. I was pretty ahead of my time; before stores like Sephora and Blue Mercury I had highly coveted brands which were seen in magazines and the kits of global makeup artists that you couldn’t find in department stores. 

LH: Did you fall in love with hair, makeup or fashion first?

JL: Yes! All of the above actually. For me it’s always been the synergy of all three. One simply cannot exist without the others. 

LH: Your look is so unique... How do you get dressed everyday? 

JL: I’ve always looked at the streets as my runway, never needing an excuse or reason to show up fully in life. I dress according to what I’m doing in a particular day, always ‘on brand’; an elevated and gentlemanly way of dressing.

LH: What artists inspire you the most?

JL: No matter how long I’ve been an artist I can always learn from other artists and be inspired by them. Naturally ’the greats’ who paved the way continue to be an inspiration to me. Way Bandy and Kevyn Aucoin come to mind as innovators and pioneers. 

LH: reflecting on your career, what was your favorite project and what are you most proud of?

JL: That’s like picking a favorite child! I have had so many amazing opportunities in my thirty-plus year experience in this industry it’s hard to choose just one, and I’m proud that through the decades my point of view is still revered.

LH: How were you introduced to lemonhead LA products?

JL: I discovered LHLA at IMATS a few years back and was impressed by its unique delivery system. And I still am! 

LH: Has your attitude toward glitter changed since adding LHLA to your kit?

JL: It certainly has- now I have the confidence to know that the glitter will behave in a reliable way and go where I put it, not where it wants to go!

LH: Tell us about Lieckminded Glitter- what inspired the color and texture? What does the name mean to you?

JL: The color was inspired by my love of all things vintage. I wanted a quieter hue of blue/green that resembled the vintage holiday ornaments that I was always drawn to. “Lieckminded” is a play off my last name, but references anyone who has an appreciation for how I creatively see the world.

LH: You and your partner Gregory (also an iconic artist) compliment each other so well including your passion for philanthropy. Tell us about your experience working with Angel Food Project and why you chose them as your charity.

JL: Everyone deserves the basic human right to have a hot meal every day and PAF provides multiple meals a day to our community members afflicted with terminal illnesses. It fills my heart to know that I’ve put a smile on the face of someone going through a dark time in their life.