I feel inspired being around people with magical energy.
GOOD WITCH SPACEJAM® - Makeup by Debra Macki. Photo by @bazile.photography.

GOOD WITCH SPACEJAM® - Makeup by Debra Macki. Photo by @bazile.photography.



MAKEUP ARTIST DEBRA MACKI is a Boston native living bi-coastally who splits her time between Salem, MA and Los Angeles. Working as a makeup artist for 25 years, her experience is diverse. She has created cosmetic products, traveled the world with clients, and hosted retreats for makeup artists. 

Debra has also been the Style Editor for I Heart Radio BOSTON for over 15 years interviewing celebrities about their style including Lady Gaga, Fergie, and Katy Perry.

Debra’s work and/or beauty tips have been seen in Vogue, Seventeen, The Early Show on CBS, The London Times, O Magazine, Redbook, Glamour, and Teen Magazine to name a few. 

Debra is a dear friend and absolute light in my life and was the first major artist that met with me to hear me out about why my product is life changing for artists. She introduced my brand and products to her students and really helped everything take off for us and I’m forever grateful for that.
— Megan Dugan, Founder & CEO, LHLA


DEBRA applies GOOD WITCH to model @

DEBRA applies GOOD WITCH to model @

LH:  What is life like for a makeup artist in Salem [MA]? Do you think that the area itself has inspired your style?

DM: Salem is an incredible city to live in. People come from all over the world to visit. It’s on the ocean which is beautiful in itself. The homes and architecture are gorgeous. I love walking my dogs to the Ropes Mansion garden, which was featured in Hocus Pocus! The city has magical vibes. 

LH: Where do you find inspiration?

DM: I find inspiration everywhere I go. Flowers, the ocean, sunsets, art, fashion, and people watching are major sources of inspiration. Energy is big too. I feel inspired being around people with magical energy. 

LH: Who is your favorite make up artist of all time?

DM: Kevyn Aucoin

LH: What’s the strangest prop you’ve ever used as make up?

DM: I’ve glued jewelry to faces! LOL.

LH: What can people expect to take away from attending one of your classes?

DM: I've been teaching this class for over twenty years. It's changed a lot but the core still remains. I focus on technique rather than trend. Trends come and go and an education in proper technique will take you farther and make you more successful. Once you master core technique, trends are easy. If someone with a deep-set eye wants the latest smoky eye look she saw on the Kardashians, it's more important that you know why or why not her eye shape will look good in it. That's where core education sets you apart from just learning trends. It makes you a makeup pro vs. hobbyist.

LH: How did you discover LHLA?  

DM: I messaged the CEO of LHLA  because I was always searching for better glitter products to use in my editorials. That search is now over because I am a LHLA glitter artist for life!

LH: You clearly have no fear of glitter, but can you say your attitude towards it has changed at all since discovering LHLA?

DM: I have never used a glitter product I loved as much as LHLA! OMG it was a game changer. It made me excited about glitter in a whole new way. The formula is something no one can duplicate and it works so well for editorial and real life. It is so easy to work with and stays out with no fall out. 

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