Creative Direction, Makeup & Photography: Beau Nelson

Creative Direction, Makeup & Photography: Beau Nelson

Learning how light works helps you apply makeup in a way that works for whatever you are doing in that moment.
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Beau Nelson began his career in art at the young age of 14 in a small town in Southern Alberta, Canada. Today, Beau’s career has spanned over 2 decades as a celebrity and editorial makeup artist, fine artist and photographer. He is respected throughout the industry for his exquisite eye for beauty, makeup, and advertising and his deep understanding of color has led to him being a resource for esteemed brands including Chanel, Miu Miu, and Giorgio Armani. Nelson spent a decade in NYC and is now residing in Los Angeles, where he maintains a diverse, star-studded clientele including Kristen Stewart, Riley Keough, Karlie Kloss, Zoe Kravitz, Nicole Richie, Jessica Alba, Christina Hendricks, Nina Dobrev, Sienna Miller, Iman, Mary J. Blige, Brooke Shields, Blake Lively, and more.  


LH:  What inspired you to begin your makeup career at such a young age?

BN: I just knew I loved beauty. I could have been a designer, a dancer, a stylist or anything artistic because I have all of those ideas in me but makeup was the most accessible thing and so it was what I reached for first. 

LH: What’s your skin prep regimen? Same for every client?  

BN: I change it depending on the needs of the client but I carry Kiehls butter lip mask w me, fresh sugar scrub for lips, Chanel hydra creme, Chanel sublimage eye cream, kiehls avacado eye creme and Chantecaille rose oil, between those things I can solve almost any skin problem.

LH: Why do you believe all the biggest brands in the world want to consult with you? That’s a unique part of your career that sets you apart from other artists.

BN: I have an extensive background in product development and have actually worked for cosmetics manufacturers so I have a unique viewpoint from that end of things. Understanding manufacturing and the lab work makes it easy for me to create products and innovate. Also as a photographer I can see a product from incubation all the way to the ad campaign which is pretty unique.

LH: Do you have a favorite red carpet moment? 

BN: I loved my time in Cannes with Kristen Stewart this last year, we did a lot of fun looks.

LH: In your opinion, what’s the best classic red lipstick?

BN: I love Nars Cruella, it looks good on everyone.

LH: What challenges you the most today?

BN: Instagram! I’m not great at it and I wish I was more in the mindset to be good at it!

LH: what are your Top favorite products for the perfect Smokey eye?

BN: Danessa Myricks Colorfix cream pigments make life so easy! Those plus a good black eyeliner for the inner rim and you’re golden.

LH: Do you feel makeup artists should learn photography?

BN: I think learning how to work with light is important. We have all had that experience where we did a beautiful makeup and then the photographer takes a pic and it doesn’t look anything like it does in real life and we hate it. Learning how light works helps you apply makeup in a way that works for whatever you are doing in that moment.

LH: What would your advice be for anyone looking to get signed to an agency?

BN: Keep working at it, make sure your images are good quality and don’t think that just because you get signed that you’ll work. It’s always up to you to create your career.

LH: How were you introduced to lemonhead LA products?

BN: Instagram at first and then through other makeup artists. 

LH: Has your attitude toward glitter changed since adding LHLA to your kit?

BN: I’ve always loved glitter but it’s so messy! Having a product like lemonhead in my kit makes it easy to carry with no mess. But I’m waiting for minis of every shade to come out in a kit so I can just have them all! Hint hint.

LH: Are you single? (asking for a friend)

No I’m not! I have a wonderful boyfriend named Jorge who is the chicest most talented man I know. He’s an interior designer and has the most tasteful eye, we work together on things sometimes and bounce ideas between us which is super inspiring and helps me grow as an artist and him as a designer. It’s important to be with someone that challenges and inspires you.