our first blends, nov 2015

our first blends, nov 2015

It all started when...

I had a dream after a bit of a wild night out. i dreamt my friends and I went to a party and inside we realized we had magic hair that can only be described as tiny strands of tinsel meets jem and the holograms. there was more to it but i woke up the next morning and thought about making metallic hair products. I spent the day driving around the san fernando valley in los angeles buying different ingredients and started experimenting. 

my background in skincare and makeup artistry helped me formulate some different bases, some great, some definitely not so great (don't even ask me about the glitter hair mist that looks like a swamp- it sits on my shelf as a humble reminder)...

after creating my first 5 spacejam blends (all inspired from different aspects and experiences I've had here in la), I found myself driving around west hollywood and beverly hills giving jars to different salons and one salon in particular loved what I had and took my products to coachella in 2016 which caused some beauty editors to pay attention. through social media we have been able to connect to some of the most incredible makeup artists in the world and our name has spread from artist to artist and eventually to you reading this. lemonhead.la is truly a collaborative effort and the transition from hair and body to makeup as well has been a dream of mine for a long time. 

it's important to me to make products that are cruelty-free, vegan and safe. i try to source as many materials as i can from small businesses in los angeles because it's a privilege to live and work in this amazing city and i want to give back. the bulk of what we use to make these products is within a 20 minute drive away so it makes it easy for me to maintain the small batch manufacturing of lemonhead products. it also makes the cost a lot higher but to me it's worth it. it's important for me to not turn this into a cookie cutter beauty company. details are everything. each product is made by hand and packaged in recyclable luxury glass jars. we are still currently making each product ourselves but are in the beginning process of upscaling thanks to the recent increase in demand.

it's also important to me to give back to the city that has made so many of my dreams come true. we are proud to have done limited edition blends with the proceeds going to the los angeles lgbt center and are looking for more charity opportunities in the future. if you have a recommendation please email us! 

i am proud to have created lemonhead.la but it would be no where without the help of my team of amazing women that formulate, experiment, produce, ship and promote with me every day. this was created as a new medium for artists and seeing what people create with it every day is the most inspiring thing in the world. we are now in 3 california locations, on forever21.com and soon to be international. this is the beginning of our story. i hope you love our products. 


❤️ Megan